April 30, 2017


You Dreamed of Having a Family and Meaningful Career, and You Finally Did it – You’re Living the Dream. Woo Hoo!

But You Thought It Would be Easier.

You’re SO Busy…Pulled 20 Directions at Once, and Still Feeling Like You’re Letting Everyone Down.

You WANT to be a Superwoman!

I’ll Show You How to do it Without Driving Yourself Crazy…

Dear Amazing SuperWoman,

First of all…let me acknowledge you.  You have a strong will, a big heart, and you really love and care for others in a powerful way.  You’re the “rock”.

You want to be able to do it all, but as you’ve moved into this life that you’ve always wanted, you’re discovering that it’s not exactly what you thought it was going to be.

And…you’re close to losing it.

You’re looking for a way to get it all done, make everyone happy, be a great mom, an attentive and patient wife, a rock star at the office, a Martha Stewart gourmet cook, a diva housekeeper…

But there’s not much time in the day left for you – and you’re realizing now that this just isn’t going to work anymore.  However, you’ve got no idea how to get yourself out the “frazzled” mode and be the Enlightened SuperWoman-which means that you CAN show up for others the way you want to, but still have peace, time for yourself, and some fun in your life.

If this is true for you, you may be in “frazzled” mode…

You want to take care of everyone, but you’re just so tired.  You haven’t been sleeping very well and you feel more “grumpy” than usual.

It’s hard to get focused.  You feel scattered, like you’re in a fog.

You find yourself feeling resentful that you do so much and other people don’t ask how they can help, they just seem to expect more and more of you

You’re feeling like you’ve got an extra “short fuse” now a days – and you’ll yell over something that’s not a big deal, and then you beat yourself up for it

You’re working all day doing something nearly every minute and still feeling like it’s not enough.

You know this cycle has to stop.  Today is the day!!!!

My name is Francine Portelance and I help transform frazzled women into enlightened SuperWomen.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a SuperWoman, as a matter of fact, it’s in your strong, feminine nature to do so.  You have the wisdom to manage a LOT.  And, when you know the secrets that can unleash the REAL SuperWoman within – then you’ll be more powerful than you ever thought you could be – AND you’ll have a happy home and a balanced life

Let’s get you started today and help you become the Enlightened Superwoman that you WANT to be. 

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