May 24, 2017

Are your living with your priorities in order?

Let me ask you…

Which of these two scenarios best describes you?

a) You wake up each morning fired up with a clear sense of purpose and direction for your day.


b) You wake up each morning already feeling overwhelmed by the daunting tasks that will consume your day.

As a woman who has first hand experience with overwhelm and overload, I acknowledge that I’ve been guilty of feeling pulled in so many directions that I have a hard time thinking straight.

In today’s episode of The Enlightened Super Woman TV, I talk about what it’s like to live with your priorities in order.

When you know what it is that’s truly important to you IN THIS VERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE, and when you align your actions with these priorities, then life unfolds with ease and grace.

Here are a few questions that may help you get greater clarification and give you more meaning and fulfillment in your life:

1. When I think about everything going on in my life right now, what is my #1 top priority? i.e Career? Health? Family? Relationships? Spiritual Growth? Emotional Growth?

2. What is one simple action I can take today and every day that helps me align myself with this priority?

3. What benefits do I notice when I live with my priorities in order?

I’d love to hear your feedback on this.

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