May 24, 2017

The Enlightened Superwoman Manifesto

Most people have an idea of what a superwoman is. But what’s an enlightened superwoman?

Let me put it this way, instead of trying to figure out what she is or what she does or does not do, let’s take a look at WHO she is and more importantly WHAT SHE BELIEVES IN.

Here’s a fun alphabet list of I AM declaration statements that best summarizes the inner, enlightened superwoman in all of us. (My underlying premise, of course, is that every woman would want to believe this about herself)



Breathe that in. On the exhale, breathe out any limiting thoughts or beliefs. Simply release.

Breathe in. Re-read the list of I AM statements.

Which one makes you stand up and yell YES! I AM THAT!? (OK, maybe a little exaggeration on my part, but I think you get what I’m asking) Which one makes you want to rejoice and celebrate because it really feels good to say it out loud!

Which one reminds you how far you’ve come already?

Which one is hard to swallow? Maybe a shift in energy indicating that you are not fully aligned with it yet?

Going forward, which one would you like to believe or embrace even more?

Now, it’s your turn. Let me hear from you. Out of these or your own list, what I AM statement ignites and nourishes your soul?

Share your answers. Leave a comment.


  1. Francine – i am LOVING your Enlightened Superwoman Manifesto!! All the “I AM” statements were powerful – but the one that kept popping out for me on this occasion is “i AM perfect in my imperfections” – i think i have a big attachment for the need to be perfect! It can be self sabotaging and i need to let this go :) x

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